Kiree 3600 Reintroduces Himself On Collaborative EP “E and Three”

    Kiree 3600 is undoubtedly a major contributor to the emerging music scene in Virginia. Versatility equates to longevity, which has been a strong suit for the Suffolk native; An all-around talent whose arsenal includes gritty, subdued rap flows and mesmerizing harmonies. He reintroduces himself with his latest EP, “E and Three.” The EP is produced exclusively by frequent collaborator eK!. With an emphasis on their chemistry, listeners witness a captivating performance from all parties involved.

    “E and Three” is the result of us just being locked in the studio together and solely focused on creating. We left all our individual issues with the world behind and did what we do best. The EP grants more insight on the art and the lifestyle we choose to live and express ourselves through.

    – Producer eK! explains the significance of “E and Three”

    The project is 17-minutes in length and compiled of 7 different “vibes.” An eclectic body of work, “E And Three” is an impressive showcase of versatility and the perfect opportunity for new listeners to become familiar with a rising talent. 

    There are many moments on the EP where Kiree 3600’s ferocious sense of lyricism shine. “Intro Vibes,” “Exquisite Vibes” feat. Young Crazy, “Miss Elsie Vibes,” and “Tuss Vibes” all have their own flare but display Kiree’s dynamic rapping abilities equally. A noticeable characteristic is the confidence he recites in his music. Many verses bragging about his lifestyle build a compelling repertoire for an artist with a story worth telling.

    - Kiree 3600 recites on Exquisite Vibes feat. Young Crazy 

    Kiree is a well-rounded musician due mainly to his ability to shift gears to distinct melodic records. “Plug Vibes,” “Inspo Vibes,” and “Roddy Vibes” push Kiree’s musicianship to another level. Blending various harmonies and catchy choruses with his distinct flow ultimately produces magic. These records arguably have the most natural appeal to a larger audience due to the lighthearted tone of the production. Thought-provoking and introspective lyrics paint a complete picture of who Kiree 3600 is.

    “E and Three” is a stellar collaborative EP for an artist whose trajectory is rising by the day. Be sure to check out Kiree 3600’s new project available on all streaming platforms. He has a few previous works you can check out, too, if you want to hear more.


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