Koi Kurama Infuses New Energy Into Alt-Pop With ‘BabyGirl’

    Cleveland, Ohio-based Koi Kurama shares her new single BabyGirl, the second single off her upcoming EP Moods. The new release has a more minimalistic acoustic approach—no distortion, no fancy drum set, and just naked feelings. Not to mention that the subtle angelic atmosphere from her backing vocals in this song completes the R&B/pop and hip-hop hybrid vibe that Koi Kurama is striving for.

    BabyGirl acts as a digital diary, capturing melancholic moments of self-realization while exploring heartbreak, nostalgia, and everything in between. The writing and of course her gentle, honeyed vocals on each track showcase her ever-expanding expertise and incredible vocal control. Check out the new single down below and keep an eye out for the new EP slated to drop soon.


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