Kye Colors Shares True Love Anthem ‘Take Ur Place’

    Kansas City-based rapper/producer Kye Colors turned a lot of heads in the music industry with his ’20 album “with love. by faith.” and he hasn’t slowed down since. Following the album, Kye Colors has released a handful of singles and an EP that showcases his wide-ranging talent. Kye Colors’ most recent single, “Take Ur Place” seamlessly connects with both concrete and subconscious feelings that we hold about love. His earnest tenor guides the listener through the maze of sound. “Take Ur Place” is him opening up to the world, showing he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and embrace his feelings.

    Kye Colors on His Biggest Challenge While Being Independent

    The new single is only the first offering for what seems like a release-filled year for the rising artist. “After hoarding my unreleased tracks over the years and never letting them see the light of day, I look forward to changing that this year,” he shared. “Constantly planning to put something out whether it’s me as the producer or artist. I’m aiming for an entire length project when ready.” For now, check out “Take Ur Place” below.


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