Lakewude Creates His Own Lane on Debut Album ‘The Lake Show’

    'The Lake Show' captures the magic of what happens when an artist sticks with what they love.

    Atlanta-based Hip Hop/RnB artist Lakewude recently dropped off his debut album The Lake Show. The 7-track album boast features from Lotus, LoKii AD, Ahmad Anonimis and Danielle. Encapsulating the rapper’s struggles, each track showcases Lakewude’s unique sound in a way that makes for a cohesive listen from top to bottom. Standout tracks like “Azerath” featuring the trailblazing UGLYNATLANTA crew-mate Ahmad Anonimis, and the headbanging lyrical cut “Orange” featuring other fellow UGLYNATLANTA members Lotus and LoKii AD display both Lakewude’s and the supporting cast’s lyrical prowess.

    “I didn’t feel like making depressing music again for the moment because I knew I had higher energy to offer. I found a compromise between keeping it real but also keeping things up-tempo.” – Lakewude

    Having drawn inspiration from himself and his UGLYNATLANTA collective, Lakewude never has to look far to be inspired. In its entirety, The Lake Show captures the magic of what happens when an artist sticks with what they love, while also not being afraid to jump into something new and share it with the rest of the world. From lyrical gymnastics to hard-hitting production that ties everything together, 21-year-old Lakewude is as real as it gets. “I am here to stay and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. This is my show and I’m giving a platform to me and my friends to showcase our talent” he said to us via email. Stream the new album down below vis Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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