Lango Taps into His Inner Spirit Animal with His Newest Project “Warthog”


    Baton Rouge’s favorite jokester, Lango taps into his inner spirit animal with his newest project “WARTHOG.” At 13 songs, Lango doesn’t follow the mold of his two previous projects. WARTHOG shows a different side of the rager, something more personal and relatable. Sonically, the album is a funky ride through Lango’s mind. Fans, old and new, will be hyped as Warthog opens their minds to Lang’ raw lyrics over bizarre productions.

    The eccentric artist aims to tell the world he’s here to create a new era of music and lead the youth to the future. Through a series of visuals such as GTG and many electrifying performances across the south, Lango has created an interstellar uzz going into the third quarter of 2019. Check out the new project down below.