Latrell James Blows Off Steam with Hard-Hitting New Single “Math”

    Boston, Massachusetts, is known for many things, but the city has become a hotbed for hip-hop talent in recent years. One of the scene’s rising stars is Latrell James, a rapper, and producer who has been making waves with his unique sound and style. His latest release, “Math,” is a testament to his skills and his dedication to his craft.

    Produced by Kiron Akil, “Math” is a hard-hitting track showcasing James’ lyrical prowess and ability to craft a memorable hook. Known for his ability to find beauty in the world around him, “Math” features a lively instrumental and a diverse cadence highlighting James’ dynamic flow.

    In “Math,” James takes aim at the people who front on Instagram, pretending to be something they’re not. He spits bars about the fake lifestyles and fake personas that some people adopt and how he sees right through it. But rather than getting angry or bitter, James uses the song as a way to blow off some steam and express his own authenticity. His delivery is confident and assured, and his flow is smooth as silk.

    “Math” is a perfect example of the type of raw and authentic hip-hop that Latrell James has become known for, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

    Listen to “Math” below.


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