Lex Lucent Share Stunning Debut Project, ‘Incase You Forgot’

    Virginia artist Lex Lucent‘s debut project Incase You Forgot is here. At only 17-minutes in streaming length, Lex showcases a diverse range of artistry within these 8 songs. Displaying her skills in rap, singing, and songwriting, the title Incase You Forgot itself is a reminder to herself about just how talented she is. With features from MACK and WhoGotDaDutch, the project was produced by FAKE UZUMI in its entirety. The energetic production paired with the catchy loops creates an excellent backdrop for Lex Lucent to unique vocals. 

    Overall, the debut project is a solid release from a young musician whose career is nascent. Considering she has only broken onto the scene recently, Lex Lucent shows a lot of focus and poise, making her an artist to keep an eye on. She seems to know what she wants to achieve with her songwriting, and the clarity she possesses comes through strongly on this project. Check out the new project down below.


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