Lil QWERTY Unleashes His Latest Single ‘Understandably’

    A naturally funny guy, Lil QWERTY can surround himself with fun bars that leave you laughing after every listen, but he can also serve them to you straight with a huge heaping of personality – which is exactly what happens across, Understandably. Pushing out 1000 watts of pure, unadulterated QWERTY energy over the uplifting melikxyz production, Understandably shows each player at full strength. “QWERTY, Devin Booker if you don’t like it get a Nash then,” says it all. QWERTY is in bubble mode, but nothing is stopping him from seeing the championship game.

    “It’s the song that would play when I walk up for my first at bat. It’s autobiographical and gives a look into how my brain ticks and what makes QWERTY a unique player.”

    Balancing the energies, Brandon Berry‘s cover art perfectly represents QWERTY’s good humored approach to high art.

    Stream the new release down below.


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