LILBOYROC Continues His Winning Streak With New EP ‘Summer Smash’

    Born and raised in Chicago, rapper/producer LILBOYROC continues to refine his sound. His cross between multiple genres allows him to make music that is specific and unique to him. Having a distinct delivery that’s impossible to replicate, LILBOYROC has a clear vision for his sound and where he’s headed. His brand new 6-song EP “Summer Smash” is the perfect example of what the budding superstar is capable of.

    Summer Smash” is one of those projects that you can see yourself going back to time and time again because it’s that good. “I knew Summer 2021 was going to be a Summer to remember. So I made it a goal to be the soundtrack of the most memorable Summer in history,” he said to us about the EP. The EP kicks off with “Round of Applause,” a high-energy track that makes for a good opener. That same energy is maintained throughout the EP while showcasing the versatility of the artist. With no filler tracks, LILBOYROC allows his melodic vocals to take center stage. Summer Smash is a strong display of the artist’s different interests and abilities while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout. Each track on the EP builds on the previous and the tracklist is captivating from start to finish.

    With all the makings of a superstar already, Summer Smash is another strong addition to LILBOYROC’s growing catalog of bangers. His ability to easily go from one sound to the next without compromising the quality of any of these ideas shows just how confident he is with his vision. Check out the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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