Lilly Aviana Shows Off Her Vocal Range on New Single ‘Sunrise’

    Houston-based singer and songwriter Lilly Aviana is one damn-good songwriter. The Texas R&B scene is known for creating stars with names like Erykah Badu, Beyonce, and now rising artists like Lilly Aviana. After a breath-taking feature on the intro track of Dende’s 2021 project, ‘The Pregnancy Pack,’ Aviana is back with something of her own, with a new single to start the month of April, ‘Sunrise.’

    Cover shot by Austin Nat Smith

    What’s not to love? The IZE THE WZRD-produced track is both heartfelt and emotional. It’s everything you want in a lovey-dovey song dedicated to that special someone. Lilly’s vocals mesh so well with the soothing instrumental as it feels like you’re listening to this song on a beach. The way she describes her love for her significant other is passionate. Just like me, you will be blown away by her vocals at the end of the track that just complete this beautiful song. I definitely recommend this song if you are a fan of soulful R&B, and check out the rest of her discography. I am sure that we are in store for more from the introspective songstress this year.

    Check out the new song below via Spotify and head over here to stream where you get your music.


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