Lily Rayne Aims for the Stars With Her Ambitious Album “Girl on Rhode”

    What’s not to love about Lily Rayne’s music? She can sing, she can rap, and she probably writes better than your favorite artist. Especially coming from the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island. She’s a great example of it’s not about where you’re from because if it’s good enough, the masses will find it and tap in. Coming strong off of her last single “Questions,” Lily has reeled me back in once again with her newly released album “Girl on Rhode.” Unlike most artists on their sophomore release, she isn’t afraid to take the risk and venture off to different genres and explore her sound.

    “This album is close to my heart because It’s all the feelings I’ve had being from one of the smallest states in America—and going out into the big world, soaking up everything that was around, and being able to tell my life and story through my eyes.” — Lily Rayne

    “Girl on Rhode” brings that same passion and warm energy we know her for bringing. She can do no wrong, reimagining what hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall sound like when they link up at the same function. The production sounds and feels expensive. Everything is noticeably mixed and mastered to a tee. Sonically, her voice is like an all-inclusive trip. You are not going to want to leave once you arrive. There is an element of peace and tranquility. The second song “Pink Lemonade,” was my favorite track from the album. Her wavy melodies laced over the trippy production had me spaced out, making me have this one on repeat.

    If you need a great album to unwind and kick back to, this is the album missing in your life. Listen to “Girl on Rhode” below.


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