Lily Rayne is Ready to Stand Out with New Single ‘1 of 1’

    Rhode Island native and Atlanta-based triple threat Lily Rayne is no stranger to music. After relocating and gaining some transformative life experiences, Lily Rayne is back on the scene with a compelling new single, ‘1 of 1.’

    ‘1 of 1’ is Lily Rayne’s trap-infused R&B track and her reintroduction to the world. The new single, ushering in the new generation of R&B and hip-hop, strongly represents Lily Rayne’s evolution and staying power. When asked about her new single, Rayne, emphasizes the song’s addictive hook – “Everybody thinks I’m crazy, but I think you’re all the same!”

    The singer, rapper, and songwriter continues to fuse alternative hip-hop and R&B to create a fresh, eclectic sound for the masses with the lyricism of a woman wise beyond her years and poised for stardom. Check out the new single below.


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