Lily Rayne Wants Reciprocation and Reassurance in Seductive New Single ‘Questions’

    With her new album 'Rhode Girl' slated to be out this summer, Lily Rayne shows growth and maturity with her latest single.

    Rising star Lily Rayne’s unique style and voice have helped put Rhode Island and the rest of New England’s music scene on the map in recent light. After confirming the release of her album ‘Rhode Girl’ for a summer 2022 release, Rayne aims to show growth and maturity with her latest single, ‘Questions.’ 

    The new single highlights some common dating problems that young-adults struggle with. Nowadays, so many things get lost in translation just due to a lack of communication, and it can be frustrating not knowing what the other person is thinking. Like 50 Cent in ’03, Rayne is not afraid to ask away, so her time is not wasted. “‘Questions’ is about rekindling an old love interest,” she shared about the record. “I feel like it fits perfectly within the context of the project because of who I am,” Rayne added.  

    This song put me in a trance the more and more I listened to it. Envision a mesmerizing R&B track with ominous production spiked with some elements of dancehall and a sprinkle of East Coast swag, and you have this song. Her pen-game is also unmatched. She writes hooks as if she is already a seasoned veteran. If her album is anything like this single, it will surely be one for the ages. 

    Artists that are great vocalists and equally good at songwriting are hard to come by these days, and as her stock continues to rise, I can’t wait to see how her career plays out. Check out the new single blow.


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