Listen to Atlanta Native LoKii AD’s Ambitious New Single ‘Whole Time’

    LoKii AD is no stranger to the grind. You either got it, or you don’t. Everybody doesn’t have that hustle in them, the consistency to always want more and never be content. He further proves he has the talent and work ethic needed in his new single, ‘Whole Time.’

    Finally, back on the scene, LoKii reveals what he has been working on behind the scenes since his last release, ‘Music To Moan To.’ His new single is for everybody and not just targeted at couples. This one hits home for everyone because everybody needs that motivation to keep pushing. LoKii gets personal, elaborating how tragic life events have affected his psyche but how he stayed the course. I appreciate the delivery of this song because when some artists take the somber route, they tend to give you a song that is slower in pace and not as lively because they are speaking from the heart. But LoKii gives us something energetic and kickback-friendly. 

    Check out the Stone Mountain-based artist’s new single, ‘Whole Time’ below and keep him on your radar.


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