Experience the Diverse Range of Sounds in StashtheWave’s “4 The Lovers” EP

    In recent years, there has been a shift in the music industry where producers are receiving more recognition for their work. Gone are the days when producers were relegated to the background, working behind the scenes to create the perfect sound for artists. Now, producers are becoming more visible and appreciated for their contributions to the music industry. This newfound appreciation has increased demand for producers, and many are now becoming stars in their own right. StashtheWave’s EP, “4 The Lovers,” is a prime example of the importance of producers in today’s music industry.

    StashtheWave in the studio
    StashtheWave — Photo credit: George Annan

    “4 The Lovers” is a collection of tracks incorporating a diverse range of sounds, including R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. Each track’s various genres are distinctly present, leaving the listener wanting more. For example, tracks such as “Special to Me” and “Wish You Were Here” highlight the hip-hop influence, while “Weary Morning” has a jazzy feel. The somber emotions that inspired the creation of tracks like “Is It a Crime?” and “LOML” can be felt throughout the project. StashtheWave shared with us that he made this beat tape during an emotionally challenging time in his life. “This beat tape means the world to me because I feel like it’s truly one of the first times I was able to make something beautiful out of all the madness, and I’m proud of that,” he expressed.

    StashtheWave’s “4 The Lovers” EP proves that producers are now at the forefront of the music industry. As the demand for talented producers continues to increase, StashtheWave, the self-taught producer who originally hails from Randolph, a diverse community which is located on Massachusetts’ South Shore, is undoubtedly a producer to watch out for. He incorporates many genres into his work that will give any avid music fan something to keep on repeat. Be sure to stay tapped in with StashtheWave’s future musical endeavors as he shows us why producers deserve their flowers.

    Listen to “4 The Lovers” below.


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