Live 4eva’s “Nobody Bleeds Like Me” Is a Compelling Emotional Rollercoaster

    Originally from Dallas, Texas, but now based in Houston, Texas, Live 4eva’s main goal has always been to ascend through the music industry to revolutionize it in the name of vulnerability. Believing the only way forward for humanity is pain, Live is intent on leading by example. To do this, he numbs himself with nihilistic lyrical content and warm and catchy guitar leads all over earth-shattering drums. Drawing from his influences such as Future, D’Angelo, Bad Religion, My Chemical Romance, and so much more, Live 4eva is an amalgamation of what we love from our favorite artists.

    This sentiment takes the spotlight in his latest 5-track EP, “Nobody Bleeds Like Me.” Featuring standout tracks such as “GONER!,” Live vividly captures the sense of despair linked to both drug addiction and unsuccessful relationships. Hopes for a brighter future were abandoned in favor of seeking numbness, set against a backdrop of punk and emo influences. Live makes the bold proclamation—nobody bleeds like me.

    When speaking on how his influences shaped the sound of the album, Live shared: “I have always been a huge fan of Save Me by Future. Voodoo by D’Angelo taught me how to layer my vocals, even though I’m nowhere near the singer D’Angelo is. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure taught me how to curate a vibe across a project. Other art mediums, such as film, inspire me. SLC Punk!, Interstellar, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy brought me immense comfort while recording this EP.” 

    Nobody Bleeds Like Me is a not-so-subtle introspection of life and identity post-relationship. Live 4eva isn’t afraid to dive head-first into exploring some of these complex emotions, like the feelings of self-doubt and loneliness that are synonymous with breakups. “My music is nothing but my personal experiences. I wonder if there is any personal growth in it. Am I wallowing in my misery, or is there growth throughout my songs?” he shared.

    There is so much more to be discovered in this EP, and each listener will find a line of relatability or a melody that hits home in tracks that cover the full gamut of the emotional spectrum and heart-wrenching situations. With Nobody Bleeds Like Me, Live 4eva has once again shown his ingenuity in the alt-rap space by sharing his authentic stories and distinctive sound.


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