LOS Can’t Be Pinned Down in His Debut Project ‘My Love Is Crack’

    Jackson, Mississippi rap artist LOS returns to close out the 2021 year with another show-stopper with “My Love Is Crack”—his debut project. This 14-track project features fellow artists Cara Crosby, Donalee, and Amy Gadiaga over production by Terron Clark, Twrp, Forenzik Styles, Gutty, CuffedGod & DBCouper.

    Since the release of his “Starliner Pack” EP, we last saw LOS in the process of creating what he explained to the world was “My Love Is Crack”—and after this definition, LOS returned to the catacombs of Southern rap dungeons to refocus his sights. In between this time, LOS provided his fans with several singles and a few visuals to keep them occupied while they waited. Yet, his cryptic quote—”My Love Is Crack” was an untraceable echo that you felt more and more addicted to the potential of this unknown answer with every waking question. As the 2021 year comes to a close, LOS answers his supporters’ questions and once again returns from the penumbra with the fully-crafted personification of “My Love Is Crack.”

    Throughout this 14-track audible manuscript, LOS details the life and times of a man who is next to rule the world; his experiences growing along this road towards the stardoms of rap have brought him across strange paths and even more exciting lessons. These experiences are simple trials and tribulations that are a part of this divine lifestyle LOS is accustomed to but foreign to the women in his life. Yet, any woman blessed enough to find her way in the path of LOS’ life will feel like a goddess herself. However, any time spent away from LOS will leave them feeling deprived, forgotten, and possibly addicted to the potential they could have with someone destined for the kingdom like LOS.

    Here we see two different examples of precisely what My Love Is Crack means. Whether it be LOS’ love for his supporters or the women that come into his life for the better, any time spent away from the immediate sight of him will feel like a flower in darkness. “My Love Is Crack” is written from the perspective of a dealer who holds what everyone desires and knows the worth of what he holds for the future to come. LOS’ actual storytelling ability is brought out in this project, which is ultimately emphasized by the masterful penmanship that has progressed indefinitely over the past year.

    Entirely written by LOS, “My Love Is Crack” is a tribute to the growth stage of LOS’ life in the process of his rap career. With this debut project, LOS expresses his mindset and mentality for everything he does and speaks to the lessons that one can only learn throughout their own experiences—paying tribute to this life, recognizing that cocaine is a hell of a drug—and that his love might be just as bad. From start to finish, the entire project is one cohesive story split into 14 different scenarios, where you are constantly reminded of the synopsis of every experience—that LOS’ love is crack.

    Stream the new project below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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