LOS KEMET Brings That Southern Bounce on New Single “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)”

    After captivating fans with his second solo project, Got Drunk For The Most High, in February, LOS KEMET is back. His latest single, “Barter 7 (Dig Dat),” is a true testament to his remarkable talent and unmistakable Southern flair.

    When LOS KEMET raps, it’s impossible not to pay attention. Hailing from Mississippi, the 24-year-old artist proudly wears his dirty South upbringing on his sleeve. His music embodies the South’s rich musical heritage, and “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)” is no exception. The track’s production, skillfully curated by Gutty, Lim0, and Zach Niess, pays homage to the sonic landscapes that have shaped the Southern hip-hop genre. With infectious production and energy, LOS KEMET’s lyrical talent rightfully claims the spotlight.

    “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)” cover art

    “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)” effortlessly spans a range of sounds that transport you to another era to the gritty, Memphis, and Texas-leaning trap. It’s the kind of track that transports you straight to the sun-soaked streets of the Dirty South, while its infectious southern bounce is reminiscent of cruising in a drop-top Cadillac on a scorching summer day. LOS KEMET has effortlessly captured the region’s essence, infusing it into every note and lyric of this single. The accompanying music video for “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)” sees KEMET paying homage to Young Thug himself in a stunning video from Corpus Christi-based Thomas G.

    In an era where the Southern rap scene is thriving and evolving, LOS KEMET is undoubtedly an artist to watch. With “Barter 7 (Dig Dat),” he proves that the South has something to say, and his upcoming EP, Starrunner, promises to be the next exciting chapter in his musical journey.

    Watch the video for “Barter 7 (Dig Dat)” below.


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