Los Kemet Swerves Around the Underground With “Got Drunk for the Most High”

    It’s time to clear the throne. The new King of The South is here, and his name is Los Kemet.

    Los Kemet returns with his newest project, “Got Drunk for the Most High.” A passionate, inspiring 12-track memoir of his life post the release of his 2021 project, “My Love Is Crack,” and the experiences that followed behind it. The only similarity this project has to its predecessor is his rapping. This time around, the sound has completely changed. This is not a sequel to the 2021 project but is still a continuation of Kemet’s progression in his craft.

    Kemet brings forward a new tale of his perspective while showcasing his ability to transcend his lyrical talent and the overall tone of his music. The Southern characteristics of his upbringing are more prevalent than ever in this project. Songs like “Shake Junt” or “Bless Me” are perfect examples of Kemet’s implementing the more fired-up, trunk-booming culture of the Dirty South into his new sound—while songs like “Moonshine” and “Active” represent the calmer, soulful aspect of the South that is often undervalued in modern hip-hop. Kemet flawlessly merges both styles in this project with the help of a well-crafted team of familiar acts.

    This project features a stunning euphony from Cara Crosby with some background vocals for choruses/interludes from her and Caterpillar Jones, a fellow long-time collaborator of Los Kemet. Along with curating these vocals, the project is stocked with breathtaking production from Por Vida, Manny Megz, Gutty, Limo, Texaco, Cuffedgod, and Terron Clark. They each bring their own pieces of the Dirty South to cultivate a new eloquent sound for Kemet’s next chapter.

    “Got Drunk For The Most High” is by far some of the best work to be had from Los Kemet. Within the year that passed, he released a few visuals to keep his audience happy—including one for his single “Shake Junt” and “Still Speedin'” and several freestyle videos—each showcasing the theatric aspect of his music. Seeing his energy when he speaks into the camera makes you feel like you’re there with him—a compliment to the emotion you already feel through his songs. These theatric aspects help us resonate deeper with Kemet’s emotions and experiences because we physically see pain and confidence through his eyes and stature. During his absence, he has found a way to implement these same visual theatrics into his songs. His objective-based storytelling perspective on his writing has expanded itself far beyond maybe even what he believed it could, and his visual attributes only followed in his growth. This means that his potential for creative storytelling hasn’t even reached its peak and continues to grow to this day.

    Los Kemet is a unique artist hailing from a side of the country that pioneered much of our current culture—the 3rd Coast, specifically the Dirty South. There’s a lot to be broken down and studied about this project, but it is simply a masterclass in originality and representation. The journey of becoming a better man for an old kingdom is the true story of “Got Drunk For the Most High,” and with that journey comes the pressure of success and the distractions we make to avoid that pressure. Los Kemet, like any man, believes he will become a better king for his kingdom through these struggles—and to that, he got drunk for the most high.

    Listen to “Got Drunk for the Most High” below.


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