Louisiana Artist Ron Brown Shares His Latest Love Ballad ‘The Waters’

    Quarantine has given a lot of people the confidence boost that they needed to go after the person they’ve always wanted. From IG crushes to the one that got away, quarantine has been a plethora of romantic plunges. And if you’ve been one of those people to romantically flourish during this time (or at least have been wanting to), then Ron Brown’s latest single The Waters is the perfect song for you. 

    The Waters is the perfect track to help put thoughts into words. Especially when those words are, “I want to take you to the bedroom.” Ron’s lyrics intertwined with the smooth production makes for the perfect song to add to your playlist for the night. 

    “The Waters is about a relationship where both people are getting what they want out of the situation. But out of the blue, one of them wants something more out of it than the other does,” said Brown to SL via email. “Instead of ending things, the other person does whatever’s necessary to keep things how they are,” he added. Check out the new single down below.


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