Lucas Cracks the Code on “the art of being happy”

    Finding true happiness can be a mission in this toxic society. But everyone is worthy and deserving of experiencing that feeling before they leave this earth. For Lucas to be a relatively new artist, his advanced songwriting abilities allowed him to simulate that feeling for listeners in his latest single, “the art of being happy.”

    This track is the third offering off his debut album, “Palm Trees and Fake Smiles,” and with this release, it is apparent that he is taking things personally in 2023 because this song showed he’s playing for keeps.

    Lucas likes to rap with this relaxed flow, and it’s so fitting for this tame production. If anything, it prevents his message from being misinterpreted, as he raps from the heart. In addition to his relaxed flow, Lucas also impresses with his smooth and effortless delivery. His voice has a natural, soulful quality that adds depth and emotion to his lyrics. The Massachusetts-bred, Florida-based artist starts things off with various instruments before getting technical with his rhymes.

    I’m beyond hyped to see Lucas in full force on his soon-to-be-released album. But for now, be sure to stream “the art of being happy” on Spotify below.


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