Lucas Santana Holds Nothing Back in His Latest Full-Length ‘Aqua Arm’

    A beacon for producer-artists and music fiends alike, Lucas Santana is etching his spot in the underground with a catalog of albums and singles boasting influences from various genres, including Alt-rock, electronic, ambient, and more. With his devotion to refining his craft, Santana creates fluid sounds across all genres. The Long Island artist is a rapper through and through, with a collection of beats and verses to prove it. He also has DIY instrumentals and vocals that cut straight through the noise.

    Lucas Santana appeals to all listeners with his ability to diversify his sound through intoxicating innovation. With a sound similar to that of other rising artists such as Demahjiae, Ovrkast., and El Cousteau, he’s one to keep tabs on in this space. His latest full-length project, “Aqua Arm,” is a 12-track offering that shows his strengths while remaining refreshing, ambitious, and armed with fiery style and finesse.

    Photo Credit: Chykeem Nichols

    “Aqua Arm,” while maintaining a stylistic similarity to Santana’s previous releases, offers a more introspective look into the artist’s world. With its repetitive lyricism, the project delves into the complex layers of Santana’s selfhood. The project’s energetic engagement and production serve as an artistic expression of the rising artist’s journey, evoking moments of invincibility while also attempting to ground himself in reality. Speaking on a recurring theme, Santana shared, “Duality was a big one; I’m a Gemini, so I guess it could be that, but also, it’s about showing one face to the world and hiding another at a given time.”

    “Aqua Arm” represents a composition of considerable complexity, offering listeners a nuanced exploration of the artist’s inner experiences while tapping into the different sub-genres of hip-hop. Santana invites his audience to immerse themselves in an introspective and sonically captivating musical journey. “I have a lot to say, and music is a chance for me to say it right. I want to be more analytical of this big world on wax and not just analytical of myself. So, I’m looking to have more purpose behind my music. I’m not saying it’s devoid of it, but I can definitely stretch a little farther. This album helped me warm up.”

    Listen to “Aqua Arm” below.


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