Luke Bar$ and Cousin Stizz Display Their Relentless Flow on “Tables Turn”

    With his new album Angels Never Die slated to drop on January 13, Van Buren Records’ Luke Bar$ keeps his momentum going as he drops off his infectious new Cousin Stizz-assisted banger “Tables Turn.”

    The new record follows a slew of singles such as “AND SOON” and “Get The Gat,” all of which were released in December. Tapping fellow Massachusetts rapper Cousin Stizz for “Tables Turn” was a no-brainer. Little Island’s production serves as a perfect backdrop for Luke Bar$’s unique vocal style. His high-pitched, raspy cadence adds an edgy, raw quality to the beat it is paired with and creates a harmonious blend that sets the tone for an exciting listening experience. Additionally, It gives freshness and unexpectedness—the same freshness that Stizz exhibits when he jumps on the mic.

    If Angels Never Die sounds anything like what we’ve heard from Luke Bar$ on his previous releases, it’s safe to say fans are in for a real treat.

    Listen to “Tables Turn” below.


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