Lule Goes Against the Odds on New Single “Destination”

    After a quick hiatus, Atlanta rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter Lule returns with his newly released single, “Destination.” Being in a prime position to propel his career to another level after a grand collaboration with Rick Ross and Westside Gunn on DJ Drama’s star-studded album I’m Like That, things are falling in place for Lule. Everyone knows that “slow and steady” always wins the race, and this single seems to be another stepping stone and possible pivotal moment in his career.

    This song is produced by a trio of award-winning producers, Lyle LeDuff, Don Cannon, and MyGuyMars. When working with well-established names who have already solidified their status, it can be daunting for artists to perform under pressure. However, Lule remains unfazed and impervious to the weight of expectations. The electrifying instrumental perfectly compliments Lule’s delivery, almost like he’s having an adrenaline rush. Throughout the song, Lule maintains this carefree energy as he doesn’t have a care in the world besides his desired destination.

    Speaking on the record, Lule shared: “I didn’t plan to make a song like this, but I’ve been feeling such high energy that we had to make this happen. All I ever wanna do is push myself and my music to different planets and produce different modes of myself.”

    With the release of “Destination,” Lule marks his triumphant return. The song’s infectious energy, coupled with Lule’s unwavering commitment to pushing his creative limits, serves as a testament to his extraordinary talent.

    Directed by Dezmen Alexander, the video for “Destination” perfectly complements the song’s electrifying energy. Through stunning visuals and creative storytelling, Alexander brings Lule’s vision to life, adding another layer of depth to the overall experience.

    Only time will tell, but if Lule continues on this path of greatness, there’s no telling what the future holds. “Destination” is Lule at his best and a great intro for new listeners.


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