Mack Showcases Her Versatility and Dreamlike Vocals on Debut Album ‘Walls Of Fire’

    Independent Virginia-based record label FLIP PHONE+ has a star on its hands with rising songstress, Mack. Today, the female R&B artist delivers her debut album “Walls Of Fire,” a seven-song offering that displays her mesmerizing voice and catchy songwriting. With an eclectic fusion of house, hip-hop, and R&B, this debut serves as a clear introduction to Mack’s sound if you’re currently unfamiliar.

    Produced entirely by FAKE UZUMI, and guest appearances by Lex Lucent & SHADED ZU, “Walls Of Fireis one of those projects that makes for an easy listen in any setting. Songs like “Green Light” and “Tell Me” provide a sense of funk while showcasing Mack’s mellifluous vocals. Her effortless vocal range holds the album together in a way that guides us to the very end. Describing the album as the culmination of “lust, sex, & rage”, Mack showcases her transformation into a powerful woman.

    From the very opening moment of “Cellaphane” to the very last note of the album’s closing track, “Creep,” Mack delivers a cohesive project that offers insight into who she really is. “Walls Of Fire” utilizes a dreamy tone while maintaining a sort of electricity that is uniquely her own. With this album, Mack proves she is capable of doing it all. The up-and-coming artist has honed in on her innate ability to capture a unique feeling of comfort and groove. Check out the new album down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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