Maintainin’ Sees Dom Deshawn Putting His Relentless Flow on Display

    Columbus, Ohio-based Dom Deshawn’s newest release Maintainin’ is a seven-song project that takes listeners on a journey of the artist’s life from the last year-plus. With introspective lyrics, the project touches on love, living through a pandemic, depression, racial injustice, and a slew of other events that shaped his year. Although a relatively darker record from previous releases, the Columbus, OH upstart still sprinkles in a little bit of hope, essentially saying, “I know times are hard now, but we’ll get through this. For now, I’m just maintainin’ trying to get through today.” 

    At 19 minutes in streaming length, the record is full of forward-thinking hip-hop bangers that are sure to be instant-adds to your rotation. The track title and intro cut feature Dom’s signature flow over calm production, painting vivid pictures with his lyrics. In its entirety, Maintainin’ is everything you would want from a talented upcoming hip-hop act in 2021. Each track on this project is bursting with Dom’s personality, making for more of a personal project allowing us into his world, even if it’s for a brief period.

    Dom’s music reflects both an immense amount of talent as well as an undeniably fun and unique personality. With each release, we get Dom’s clever writing, impressive ear for production, and every track he makes is a strong showcase of everything the next generation of rappers has to offer.

    Listen to Maintainin’ down below.


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