“A Light That Never Goes Out” Sees Mars Alva Delving Into Unexplored Sonic Territories

    Mars Alva explores uncharted sonic landscapes with the release of their latest two-track EP, A Light That Never Goes Out. The tracks offer a blend of alternative R&B and indie pop sounds with a dreamlike quality similar to artists such as Joji and 070 Shake. The EP delves into the transformative power of unconditional love, highlighting how two individuals can bring light into each other’s lives and overcome their struggles.

    Uniquely blending alternative R&B and indie-pop, A Light That Never Goes Out offers a one-of-a-kind listening experience that transports the listener to another dimension. With its evocative lyrics and melodic composition, “Alone in the Dark” brings to life the romantic scenario we often imagine with our beloved. The track depicts the feeling of being wholly absorbed by that special person.

    “Shining on Me” takes a similar approach. The track describes the emotions that a significant other can evoke within us. It illustrates how we can become fixated on even the smallest aspects of that person and experience a sense of liberation when we are with them.

    When speaking with Mars Alva on how the EP came together, he talked about how A Light That Never Goes Out is his first attempt at creating sincere love songs. Mars Alva shared, “I wanted to create a certain kind of warmth with these tracks. I felt very inspired by the deeply personal and hyper-specific writing found in Frank Ocean’s work. His music always brought me to a special place, and I wanted to paint a similar landscape.” This inspiration can be noted as these tracks feel like something you can’t wait to dedicate to that special someone.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for Mars Alva’s future releases as he continues to blend genres to create timeless bodies of work.


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