Massachusetts’ Odiase Shines on Addictive Single ‘Candy’

    “Candy,” the latest single from Massachusetts artist Odiase is nothing short of euphoric, surging forward with undeniable energy. Thoroughly inspired by Odiase’s emotions and love infatuation, “Candy” focuses on how feelings can dramatically impact our mindsets. The hard-hitting production contrasts Odiase’s vocals in a way that makes for an earworm of a track.

    Odiase spoke on “Candy,” sharing,

    “After a year-long hiatus from releasing music, I found inspiration to create this song after reflecting upon moments shared with a person. I felt that my music previously catered to what I thought others expected of me rather than what I wanted to create. I tried to make it as authentic as possible without compromising my ideas for this process. I usually start with producing the instrumental then go into songwriting. Still, I started with the writing process first and then switched back and forth between writing and producing with this song. I’m glad it worked out. My other songs also tend to be melancholy, and I was tired of making sad songs, so I forced myself to make something happier and upbeat.”

    As Odiase continues to elevate his craft with each new release, tracks like “Candy” continue to showcase his emotional growth hidden amongst his ever-impressive production and instrumentation. Check out the new single down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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