Mati Shines on His Debut EP “Thoughts In Cursive”

    Mati is a promising artist from South Minneapolis who has recently released his debut EP, Thoughts In Cursive. The elements of R&B and Hip-Hop are fused to showcase the versatility of an artist to be aware of. An array of prevalent decadent flows plays a significant role in capturing the overall essence of a stellar EP. His adolescence has allowed the Ethiopian-born talent to have a unique perspective on life and can channel it all into his music.

    Mati’s world revolves around poetry, which has enabled him to master the art of wordplay. The dominance of his lyrical prowess is evident in Thoughts In Cursive. Mati skillfully assumes the role of a narrator, capturing the essence of his voice with a touch of raspiness. The level of confidence displayed is truly astonishing, and it’s enough to captivate and win over fans even before experiencing the stunning EP.

    Sonically, Thoughts In Cursive is poignant. The variation in instrumentation allows listeners to feel multiple emotions. There are moments of seriousness, such as “Pressure” and “Life Notes,” along with an exuberant feeling on “For The Soul” and “Forever Chimes” to highlight the diverse nature of the project.

    The final record, “Immune” is paired with an AI-generated visual that is a must-watch. Overall, Thoughts In Cursive is thrilling. It’s a seemingly effortless project with a very high replay value.


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