Médar Unapologetically Puts Himself First on “Narcissist”

    With a unique blend of melodic harmonies and unconventional instrumentals, Médar’s music is a reflection of his innovative approach to creating new genre-bending sounds. Médar takes full control of his music, from production and mixing to recording and mastering. His love for creating controlled chaos shines through as he skillfully weaves intricate arrangements and adds his own rap and vocal stylings. The result is a harmonious blend of chaos and control, embodied perfectly in his latest track, “Narcissist.”

    While narcissism is often associated with negative connotations, Médar offers a fresh perspective on the concept in this song. He reimagines narcissism to empower oneself, focusing on self-reliance and self-trust. Through his lyrics, Médar encourages listeners to embrace their own uniqueness, disregarding others’ opinions and finding confidence in their abilities.

    Speaking on the release, Médar shared, “I just want people to get lost in my sound with me. There are no sound barriers, infinite possibilities. And this is just the start of the whole Médar experience I want to share with the world.”

    Through this song, Médar aims to ignite a fire within listeners, encouraging them to celebrate their individuality and embrace self-love unapologetically. While excessive self-obsession may raise eyebrows, Médar believes that there is always a positive aspect to be found, and it’s crucial to prioritize oneself and find inner strength.

    Listen to “Narcissist” below.


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