Mekdelawit Tries Not to Get Stuck in Her Ways on “Far Too Soon/Those Days”

    Every time I see the name, Mekdelawit, she is killing it on her guest appearances on other artists’ songs. Rather it is “Fire and Ice” with Ahmad Anonimis or “shoulder” with Redveil, she doesn’t miss when it comes to features. It’s a shame she only dropped one single last year, but her newly released double-single “Far Too Soon/Those Days” picks up where she left off.

    I’m very impatient, but I can admit this single was worth all the wait. She gave us a 2-for-1 special, giving us two songs in one. I love a song that isn’t straightforward and can be interpreted in multiple ways. To me, this song is about figuring out what went wrong and retracing your steps to see where you slipped. But when she shifts gears into the 2nd half of the track, she is in a different place in her life. This is why I think this song is two parts; this shows how far she has come.

    Don’t get distracted by her amazing vocals and miss the intended message. Mekdelawit is a talented vocalist who can create a calming experience with her voice. You get to witness it in the 2nd half of ‘Those Days’, where she hits her strides. Once the beat picks up the pace, so does the passion in her voice. You can’t beat getting two great songs in one.

    While you’re relaxing and unwinding this weekend, turn on Mekdelawit’s music. It won’t disappoint you.


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