Michael Sneed Can’t Be Held Back in New Single “Full Time Job II”

    Oakland artist Michael Sneed continues to find new ways to reinvent himself. There is no limit when it comes to his creativity. Never afraid to experiment with his sound, Sneed has been steadily building a catalog of progressive releases, constantly switching things up with his flow. Following the release of his last single “Sometimes Blue,” he returns to our site with his newest release “Full Time Job II,” a hip-hop offering with modern introspective lyricism.

    I love seeing artists be in great spirits in their music. You can’t tell me Michael isn’t on Cloud 9 based on his new single. The song combines his complex technical rapping skills and his animated use of onomatopoeia. P-LoSeeking Social Validation, and Michael himself applied major pressure with the production on this track. They didn’t try to play it safe, going with a beat that best represents his eccentric flow.

    With fast-paced lyrical stamina, Michael Sneed delivers a song that stands out from the crowd and provides a comforting familiarity. Stream the single below, and keep an eye out for the emerging talent.


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