MIDPACK’s “Everything Is War” Is a Journey of Growth and Reflection

    22-year-old Little Rock, Arkansas rapper and songwriter MIDPACK’s musical journey began in high school at the age of 16 when he found himself deeply influenced by iconic projects such as Kanye West’s Late Registration, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, and J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only. These artists and their storytelling abilities inspired MIDPACK to use his music as a platform to influence, inspire, and assist people in need of motivation and hope, just as his favorite artists had done for him.

    MIDPACK’s highly anticipated new release, Everything Is War, comes as his first offering since 2021’s The Iverson Tapes, Vol. 1, showcasing the profound growth and artistic evolution MIDPACK has undergone. Everything Is War consists of seven tracks, with a total runtime of 22 minutes. This compact yet powerful project showcases MIDPACK’s growth, both mentally and spiritually. The Iverson Tapes, Vol. 1 marked his transition into adulthood and prompted questions about his identity, spirituality, and relationships. Everything Is War delves into the significance of his connections with friends and family in shaping his journey.

    His artistic vision extends beyond the music itself. When asked about the album artwork, he explained, “The cover art needed to represent my perseverance through an internal war.” The artwork draws inspiration from Jacques-Louis David’s painting “The Death of Marat,” but instead of a deathbed, MIDPACK is depicted inside a healing chamber, writing out the tracklist. This imagery symbolizes his ongoing fight for his music, his personal growth, and his supporters.

    The album resonates with themes of faith and trust in God. Tracks like “Destiny,” “Vent,” and “Soliloquy” reveal the deep faith and trust MIDPACK has placed in his journey and the divine plan for his life. These songs reflect his mental and spiritual growth over the years. On the flip side, tracks like “I’m Sorry” and “Ishmael’s Interlude” set the tone for his realization of self-worth, the uniqueness of his music, and the promising future ahead. MIDPACK’s growth as both an artist and an individual is palpable throughout the project.

    With a concise yet impactful seven-track lineup, MIDPACK bares it all on Everything Is War. It’s clear that MIDPACK is not only an artist but also a storyteller who aims to inspire and uplift his audience. His music remains a beacon of motivation and hope for those who seek it.


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