MilesPerHour Completes the Three-Point Play With “And 1”

    There’s a beauty found within consistency and attrition, and South Texas artist MilesPerHour has just that. Making his debut on our page today, he comes through with his new EP “And 1.” Sitting at 3-tracks, MilesPerHour didn’t hold back an ounce of bars, melodies, or flow capabilities throughout the EP. Each song on the EP captures a different side of MilesPerHour’s sound. As an artist who has been leading the way lately in the versatility category, MilesPerHour has definitely shown out on this project. One factor that separates MilesPerHour from the rest is the authenticity and passion he exerts into his music. When listening to his music, you can almost feel the emotions in his vocals.

    Speaking on the EP, MilesPerHour had this to share:

    “The overall sound is a bit different from what I’ve previously released, but I just feel like I have that range as an artist, so if I like what I create, nine times out of ten, I’m going to put it out because there’s at least a small group of people in the world that will like it too. I can’t wait to get more feedback on these records from a wider audience.”

    MilesPerHour continues to prove how boundless his artistry truly is. His unique style is a refreshing change from saturating hip-hop’s singular sound. MilesPerHour’s future is as bright as the textures he uses to construct his incomparable sound. We wholeheartedly cannot wait to see how he will impress us next.

    Check out his new EP “And 1” below.


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