Miloe Tackles Loss & Acceptance on Stirring EP ‘Greenhouse’

    19-year-old Minnesota artist Miloe’s Greenhouse EP is a 5-song downtempo indulgence. Greenhouse finds Miloe building upon the subdued indie rock of his first record by incorporating new instruments while exploring space and sound.

    Greenhouse is stunningly ethereal, polished, and fiercely emotional and that can be heard through tracks like Change Your Mind and Marna. A feverish and compelling tapestry of sonic elegance, Greenhouse is a bright musical light in the dark – an escape and an embrace all in one. Throughout the 15-minute offering, Miloe combines poetry and hip-hop to craft a phenomenal piece of storytelling. 

    Each song adds on to the other, creating a cohesive whole that tells a real story. From top to bottom, Greenhouse tells the story of a person who is determined to do great things with his life.  It doesn’t shy away from the reality of life and how struggles can get us down. Stream the new EP down below.


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