min.a is Back With Her New Single ‘Tape It Back Together’

    Art Direction: Eric Ko and Danica DeForest

    Following the release of her latest EP, Hi-Fi, min.a is back with the enveloping new single “Tape It Back Together” – displaying her astounding range as a DIY artist. With booming synths and bass, min.a ventures into the darker nature of her production on “Tape It Back Together”, creating a space crammed to the brim with sounds that all seem to blend together into perfect musical dissonance. Also by flexing her skills as an engineer, min.a’s use of vocal and audio effects only furthers the atmospheric feel of the song, finding comfort in the harsh and sometimes disorienting turns she takes along the way.

    Her exploration into the beautifully angry world of self-discovery and personal strength leads to a track that serves as a catharsis for the listener, and takes them to a universe of pure release. Stream the new release down below.


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