min.a Lets Loose The Mounting Anxieties of The World on ‘Patient’

    Art Direction: Josefine Cardoni

    In this emotionally-driven, experimental bop, min.a once again exposes her musical versatility, and this time with the help of producer, Jack Laboz (Mothica, Maria Isabel, Blair St. Clair). Her second ever officially released collaboration, min.a, and Jack create a spacey environment for her to let loose the mounting anxieties of the world. This ability to let her internal worries drift away empowers the song with a calming effect that drives the song forward as min.a floats through it effortlessly in the wake her energy creates before her.

    “I wrote “Patient” when the lock-down period first started. With the world having seemingly stopped, I was getting really anxious about where my life and career were going to go. I had too much time to sit with my thoughts, but once this song started to flesh itself out I think I realized that it’s important to try and level with yourself before spiraling.” Stream the new release down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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