min.a’s New EP ‘Hi-Fi’ is a Satisfying Slice of Creativity

    Cover art shot by Michael Tian assisted by Myu Inoue


    Choosing the stage name min.a deriving from her Korean name Minah, Michelle Lee Bae is a self-produced Korean American artist currently based in New York city. She makes experimental/electro-pop and today, she makes her debut on our page with her latest EP, Hi-Fi.

    min.a has such a delicate voice, yet it comes with bite that makes her stand out over her contemporaries. The lush tone of this EP continues to match exceptionally with her voice. Hi-Fi is a much bigger statement for min.a, to be sure, with grander production in many places. Worth mentioning is the strong songwriting across this full album. Even with how beautiful and diverse these songs sound, the lyricism never seems to falter or fall behind the production. What min.a sings feels vulnerable and realized – an artist wearing her heart on her sleeve and captivating with what she sings.

    Hi-Fi expands on what min.a has already accomplished, hitting the same notes as her previous effort with even greater intensity and richer sound. min.a doesn’t necessarily sound different here; she sounds even more alive. An absolute must listen for 2020 and unquestionably sure to be one of the strongest releases of the year. 2020 is shaping up to be a stellar year for new music.

    Favorite track: Own Up To It