Morgan Gold Pulls off the Unthinkable in Her Debut Album “MIDAS”

    The one thing you can’t afford to do as an artist is to miss the mark on your debut album. There are no do-overs. For most listeners, this is their first introduction to you, and you can’t give them the wrong impression. Morgan Gold’s debut album “MIDAS” is a wonderful offering that alludes to her artistry perfectly. It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on new listeners.

    “Sometimes, artists like me who are still on-the-rise are advised to steer clear of albums. The thing is, through all of these EPs and experimentations, I’ve been waiting for that specific “album” sound. — Morgan Gold

    Morgan went the whole nine yards when it came to this album. She literally took pictures and videos of herself, covered in gold paint to show her dedication to the album’s theme. I should’ve known we were in for a treat after she gifted us her lead single “BACK UP” earlier this year. “Once we made “BACK UP,” we knew we had achieved that ‘larger than life’ sound we were looking for,” shared Morgan.

    I think her most significant strength is her endurance and fearlessness. Her tenacity in each song is remarkable, showing that she can be a powerhouse in this industry. But that’s just one side of Morgan, songs like “TRU 2 ME” show how she can diversify her sound and change the weather on this album. Morgan’s flow feels energized over the fast production. A song like this raises the temperature.

    In its entirety, “MIDAS” hits the target, confirming the Chicago artist has arrived. Check out the new album below.


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