Moshfire Captivates With Her Debut EP ‘PYROKINESIS’

    As an artist and songwriter, Moshfire lives to stir up the raw energy of rebellion. Mosope Osidele, known professionally as Moshfire is a songwriter and Afro-psychedelic artist who started making music in 2020. She executes her craft with profound vulnerability, a soulfulness that leaves you in a state of trance and her lyrics give a remarkable insight into the complexities of life. Crafted during last year’s quarantine, Moshfire’s debut 6-song EP ‘PYROKINESIS‘ serves as an expressive, defining introduction to an artist driven by substance and inspired by emotion. “During the lockdown, there were a lot of emotional ups and downs and the need to express them,” she said to us about the EP.

    Photo Credit: stylish.sinner

    From the deeply groovy ‘Body Heat‘ to the lively “The Rush,” “PYROKINESIS” is as undeniably catchy as it is deeply evocative. Moshfire’s vocal prowess, arresting presence, lyrical talents, in addition to her multi-dimensional genre-bending sound are on full display on the 15-minute offering.

    The aim is to get people to relate to the EP, and as long as you listen and you know, “man, Moshfire is going through these insane feelings, and is still in charge of her emotions,” that’s enough. The tough times never last, but tough people do, and to be tough you must be in charge of your emotions. – MoshFire

    The feel-good vibes on the EP are infectious and will have you dancing through heat waves and cool nights for months to come. Powerful and expressive, “PYROKINESIS” is an artistic statement from a soon-to-be superstar. Stream the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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