MuddyMya Holds Nothing Back on ‘MUDBATH’


    MuddyMya makes her debut on our page today with her latest EP MUDBATH. MuddyMya puts her confidence and personality at full blast on this EP. The bass heavy production adds even more flavor for a badass experience.

    The first track we get to hear is MUDBATH, that immediately stands out as a true opener. This energy continues during the entire EP, making it a fresh and interesting project at least. Each track goes so HARD, with an endless amount of energy and personality, like every song is punching you in the goddamn face. It’s like a funhouse on fire, with MuddyMya holding the gasoline. MuddyMya’s unique and in-your-face delivery and flow complements the hard and destructive production like cheese and crackers, making for some damn creative and unique hardcore trap music.

    MuddyMya is a very talented rapper, and her contagious energy and bars are very prevalent on this record. I’m so excited to see where MuddyMya aggressive personality is gonna take her into the future because it’s delivered some great material so far. Stream the new EP down below.