MuddyMya Kicks off the Summer with Her New Project ‘Muddyworld V2’

    From east of Atlanta in the Stone Mountain area, MuddyMya has been hard at work building off the success of her debut project, “MUDBATH” released in the early months of 2020. Since emerging onto Atlanta’s flourishing hip-hop ecosystem, she has continued to polish her sound, and 2020 also saw the release of her second project, “With Luv, GG.” After that release, she dropped off her 2021 offering, “Muddyworld,” which proved to everyone she’s here to stay for the long run. Now, her newest project might mark the biggest leap of her career.

    At 10-tracks, “Muddyworld V2” is almost surreal with its high energy and is another instance of MuddyMya’s potential taking complete form. Created with performances in mind—the project’s intensity reflects MuddyMya’s open approach to making music. The project involves blending heavy 808s and strings while her high tones keep her on her wave. “Fish N Chips” opens the project with her distinct style, setting the scene as her vocals take center stage. Throughout the project, MuddyMya’s feathery half-rapping-half-singing melts into lush production, creating a sweet-and-sour combo of intoxicating melodies and razor-sharp one-liners.

    The hazy, dreamlike atmosphere she crafts on “I See U” is well balanced with the rip-roaring production and punchy bars heard on tracks like “Vette Musik” and the SSGKobe-assisted “JAKE.” Regardless of musical preference, it’s difficult to resist immersing in the tape’s rhythm. Infectious ad-libs, staccato phrases, and stylistic touches are scattered throughout the project. The dynamic production intertwining seamlessly with her catchy lyricism delivers a contagious and lively atmosphere.

    Extending her streak of intricate releases, “Muddyworld V2” hones in on the development of MuddyMya’s hypnotic vocals and consistent artistic innovation. She is paving her own direction with her distinctive style and flair, which is only the beginning. Stream her latest project below.


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