MuddyMya Releases Her Highly-Anticipated New Project ‘MUDDYWORLD’

    MuddyMya is headed for stardom. Coming out of Atlanta’s budding rap scene, she’s been able to make a name for herself with past releases like 2020’s MUDBATH, in addition to a few singles and some dope videos. With a sound that’s all her’s, MuddyMya’s music often comes equipped with the usage of 808’s while her catchy lyrics keep her on her wave. Continuing to elevate with each new release, MuddyMya is looking to usher in a unique sound.

    After much anticipation, the masked artist steps into the spotlight with her new project ‘MUDDYWORLD.’ At 9-songs in length, the concise 22-minute offering allows MuddyMya to deliver her sharply rendered rap narratives. Songs like ‘FEEL LIKE SOSA’ and the project’s closer ‘RIP SPEAKER KNOKKERZ’ showcase MuddyMya’s catchy lyrics over hard-hitting production. Thirty P, OK, Drazdid911, clayco, and checkdior provide MuddyMya with fire production that she easily glides over. Kicking things off is ’10 BLUNTZ,’ a sonically charged song that sets the tone as you make your way down the body of work. With the same energy level throughout, MuddyMya’s music is an experience that can be felt.

    To say there is a singular standout track on the project may be tricky, as each song shines with its rare quality. But, the project’s closing track would be a fair pick, ‘RIP SPEAKER KNOKKERZ.’ Delving into the musical quality that makes her who she is as an artist, the entire experience is otherworldly.

    MuddyMya continues to prove herself as an inventive and unique artist that isn’t afraid to bring something new. Her versatility, production choice, and creative eye make MuddyMya an artist to look for as this next phase of her musical journey starts.

    Listen to ‘MUDDYWORLD‘ below.


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