MuhTeyOh Displays His Songwriting Prowess in ‘BREWERB.’

    Maryland-based rapper MuhTeyOh has shaped his sound, name, and appearance in a double-take-worthy fashion. In 2018, his breakout song ‘Summers Over,’ a.k.a “the crab song,” landed TeyOh his radio debut on 93.9 WKYS, D.C.’s no. 1 hip-hop station. The PG native is known for his interactive and spontaneous performance style and lyrical transparency. His latest single, ‘BREWERB.,’ is the perfect introduction to his impressive sound if you aren’t yet familiar.

    Known for his instantly distinguishable style, MuhTeyOh’s vocals soar at just the right level to deliver an emotion-filled performance that highlights his skilled lyricism. The bouncy production allows him to display his infectious cadence, making you run this one back a few times. Music is inherently forward-thinking, and artists like MuhTeyOh constantly strive to invent new sound ranges, and evolving technology matches his desire. Check out the new single down below.


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