Multi-Faceted R&B Artist Brandon Shares His Amazing New Video ‘Baby’

    Despite his relative youth, ‘Baby‘ is a timely reminder that Brandon is built for this moment in R&B music. The new single draw lies in the detail; not only the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it strangeness … but in the slow-burn appeal of Brandon’s vocal melodies, which are habitually inventive, ornate, and beautiful. Stacked with the kind of clean harmonies and gently syncopated R&B that doesn’t so much demand ear space, Branndon continues to elevate with each release.

    With his debut project ‘Coming Clean‘ on the horizon – alongside the new single is a stunning Taylor Werfelmann-directed video that captures his sound perfectly. The multi-faceted R&B treat that is Brandon livens his vocals in a way that is filled with glistening vocal chemistry, sharp writing, and self-determination you want to get up and cheer for. Check out the new video below.


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