MVW Taps Valee, TiaCorine, Matt Ox & More For “CONNECTIONS”

    MVW has blessed fans with an impressive new album.

    It’s not always about what you know, but sometimes it’s more about who you know, especially in the music industry. MVW is an excellent example of someone who took the time to build a solid network. This NYC-based super producer is more connected than a bridge, which paid off in his newest project, CONNECTIONS. We finally see him cashing in on a few of those favors.

    Even though this project is 27-minutes and contains eleven songs, there is still a consistent sound throughout. All the songs blend so well together without sounding repetitive. That’s due to the diverse features he handpicked for this project. It’s almost as if he has an artist to represent every niche, which works out in his favor because you can’t go wrong by covering all your bases.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Chicago artist Valee is the M.V.P. of this project, other than MVW himself. I don’t even have to speak too much about the beats because it’s a given that you can always count on MVW to provide top-notch production. But it’s something special about his and Valee’s chemistry. If you’re familiar with Valee’s work, you probably know his unorthodox flow, and MVW beats complement it effortlessly.

    Another artist who did their thing on this project is North Carolina’s TiaCorine. She appears on two songs, but her performance on the outro, “Goin Crazy,” is the one that truly caught my attention. She must still be riding the high off her last album, I Can’t Wait, because she’s still expanding and experimenting with her sound like the creative daredevil she is. And it’s paying off big time. Production-wise, once again, MVW seals the deal. This beat sounds like it was made for her, which is why her verse is the first. Undoubtedly, the average person is coming to this project for the big-name features, but once they get a taste of the project in its entirety, including the deep cuts, they will have no choice but to stay.

    Be sure to stream CONNECTIONS on Spotify below. 


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