My Favorite Color Follows up with “Nissan” Video

    The Rostrum Records rapper contemplates a kind of love that transcends materialism

    My Favorite Color, known for his ever-changing palette, presents the captivating “Nissan” video, the second release from the double single-pack “car pack.” Reminiscent of a worn-out sedan, “Nissan” exudes an ethereal ambiance adorned with lush synthesizers. With adept skill, My Favorite Color blends melodic hooks and laid-back verses, creating a seamless match for the song’s tranquil atmosphere. The lyrics beautifully narrate a deep and affectionate connection grounded in mutual support and shared dreams of a better future.

    The music video for “Nissan,” helmed by Globe, continues the story from the “Pink Lac” video. Departing from the vibrant and lively visuals of “Pink Lac,” “Nissan” embraces a gentler and understated color scheme, enveloping the audience in a mesmerizing ambiance that reflects My Favorite Color’s euphoric experience of love.

    In their weathered gray Nissan, the couple sets off on urban escapades, partaking in drive-in movies and other activities, where the actual value lies not in the car itself but in the special bond they cherish.

    “I’d say ‘Pink Lac’ is the dream, and ‘Nissan’ is when I finally wake up,” explains My Favorite Color. “I see both songs as the perfect contrast between what you hope this rap sh*t is and what it actually is before you get to what you were hoping for. In the life of a rapper, things like love become complicated, to say the least. On ‘Pink Lac,’ I was thinking I needed the glamour and glitz to find love, but it turns out losing those things is exactly what helped love find me. I don’t want anyone loving me for my Pink Lac if they weren’t loving me for my Nissan. ‘Pink Lac’ is a metaphor for lust, while ‘Nissan’ is a metaphor for love. Choose your car wisely cause it’s a long road, regardless.”

    With “Nissan,” My Favorite Color continues to paint his musical journey with ever-changing brushstrokes. Through his artistry, he invites us to appreciate the beauty of intimate connections and the transformative power of love.


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