My Favorite Color Shares Personal Debut Album ‘Velma’

    My Favorite Color delivers his debut album, Velma. At 12-tracks in length, the Rostrum Records signee is known to be a resilient musician with a marvelous grip over every paradigm of hip hop. Throughout the entire album, My Favorite Color toes the line between tradition and experimentation in his deeply personal rhymes.

    Velma is a revealing and relatable album–listening feels like catching up with an old friend about his life. The project creates a collection of the richly-drawn characters that populate life of the rapper, and by the end of the album, the listener gets intimately familiar with not just himself, but those who have a close relation to him.

    My favorite thing about the album is how the instrumentals take inspiration from various different genres including neo-soul, lo-fi hip hop, and alternative rock. My Favorite Color tells stories from his life as a rising artist and growing person. On songs like the recent single “Funeral,” contemplates complex questions about faith, mortality, music, and love.

    On top of the album, he also delivers a befitting set of visuals for the standout singles, “Daleand Hooray!.” Hit the play button and get familiar down below.


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