MYKA Delivers a Genre-Pushing Hybrid With “american kids”

    There is an unmistakable feeling of vulnerability when hearing up-and-coming LA-based indie artist MYKA. His tender demeanor is colored through his evident soul searching, both musically and personally. His music is known to captivate an audience with an affinity for irresistible melodies and cinematic choruses. MYKA’s use of innovative angles and unpredictable direction prove that there is no single genre that can define him.

    Following his last release “gucci bloom,” he returns to the scene with his latest single “american kids.” The track features warm layered vocals, fuzzy basslines, and euphoric synths over expansive soundscapes. MYKA confides, “I’ve always felt like I was in two places at once growing up, so it allowed me to see two sides of what being a young kid in America was like. Those two perspectives are where I drew inspiration for this song, the dreamer and the conformist.”

    As a multi-faceted artist who has made a career for himself with an eclectic mix of genre-defying and catchy compositions, MYKA continues to push his sound and style and “american kids,” proves just that.

    Listen to “american kids” below.


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