MYKA Reflects on Lost Love and Painful Endings in New Single ‘gucci bloom’

    Making his debut on our page, genre-defying artist MYKA releases his new single “gucci bloom” via ESCNT Records. The new single is MYKA’s first release this year, following the recent success of his debut EP WHERE WE GO FROM HERE, which was released last year.

    In “gucci bloom,” MYKA, who continues to push the status quo with his bold conceptualism and experimental poise, reflects on lost love and painful endings as it relates to dating. He was inspired by a girl he met on Tinder who abruptly cut things off, leaving MYKA hurt and confused. The rich and emotionally poignant narrative lets his listeners know what he’s going through, right down to the most delicate cracks in his broken heart. The song’s title is symbolic of the woman’s favorite fragrance, ‘Gucci Bloom,’ and represents the fleeting memory of her scent and the last remaining token of their short-lived romance. 

    MYKA confides, “I was a little upset, and I didn’t like how she did it. The message is basically about not repeating relationships or things over again the same way you did before but with different people. It’s happened to me a bit, but it’s just because I didn’t learn the other times. You gotta stop repeating bad habits. It’ll take time, but no matter what, always choose yourself first. It happens to the best of us, especially when you’re in the moment.” 

    Featuring unabashed lyricism, intimate vocals, and a kaleidoscope of experimental soundscapes, “gucci bloom” is a meditative late-night vibe that is relatable and cathartic. Check out the new single below.


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